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Forest Governance Learning Group

The Forest Governance Learning Group (FGLG) is an informal alliance of in-country teams and international partners, currently active in seven African and three Asian countries, facilitated by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). It aims to connect those marginalised from forest governance to those cit, and to push for better decisions. A shared belief motivates the Group: that forestry can contribute more to the eradication of poverty and improve sustainability, but only with good forest governance the right leadership, institutions, policy decisions and practical systems. Following an inception phase starting in 2003, FGLG has been supported since 2005 by the EC and the Dutch government. Since 2003 FGLG has been carrying out focused studies, developing tactics and tools, holding learning events, and working as a group to effect change.

The FGLG India, an integral part of the above FGLG global alliance, is an informal association of individual members working on the different aspects of forest governance. The purpose of the work in India is threefold: to (i) spread learning about workable approaches to good forest governance; (ii) make measurable progress in improving sustainable local returns to livelihoods from law enforcement, private sector responsibility and enhanced local ownership and access rights; and (iii) build long-term capacity to spread these improvements. The primary target groups are forest policy decision makers; leaders in forest enterprise; and champions of local community rights. Activities involve participatory analysis, learning and training events, network building, supported uptake of governance tools, and taking direct opportunities for governance reform.

Partner Organisations

Environment Law and Development Foundation

Enviro Legal Defence Firm (ELDF)

Centre For People's Forestry (CPF)

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-India)


International Institute for Environment & Development (IIED)

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